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Now that I told you what I thought a bad class idea was, let me tell you what a good class idea should be. A good class idea should not start out as a way of fighting. This is why I thought the 'Brawler' class idea was not a good idea. Certainly it had good intentions, but it would not be effective on the battlefield. A good class idea should start out as different tactic and/or a class that is specifically designed to counter another class. This holds true for all the pre-existing classes. All classes in TF2 has a weakness. And don't bother arguing, I can easily refute your argument. So lets think of an enemy tactic that TF2ers find to be impossible to counter. One tactic is when the entire team goes Sniper, like on 2fort (For this tactic, let's call it...Sniper Fest. For obvious reasons). Annoying for both teams I would say. Annoying for you because it's impossible to get out of spawn, and annoying for the enemy team because they're not making any effort to try and get your intelligence. This tactic can also create another tactic which is annoying: Turtling. Turtling, somewhat like Sniper Fest, except Snipers are not the only ones involved. In fact, a team can Turtle without a single Sniper on the team. In short, Turtling is when the enemy team stacks up on defense, and makes no effort for an offensive effort. And for some odd reason, Turtling causes the other team to use the same Turtling tactic. It's sort of like when you're playing Mortal Combat, or one of those fighting games and don't attack but instead keep mashing the block button. Except after the other guy repeatedly keeps attacking you, starts mashing the block button as well. Needless to say, it's an annoying tactic and usually causes a stalemate. So how can we fix this? Well, the Spy's job is usually to stop Turtling, but on maps like 2Fort and Dustbowl, it becomes somewhat difficult. The only other tactic used to take out Turtling is Ubercharging. So that gave me inspiration. What if there was a 'conditional' ubercharge. What I'm saying is, how about a class that is able to block certain types of damage. Literally blocks it. Well obviously that seems like a cheap idea at first, but hear me out on this. I'm not talking about an all around invincible. The character will still take damage. Conditionally. This class's tactic is to block incoming fire, and to slow down enemy advancement. In short, we need a 'shield' class. I don't know what the name of the class should be, but in the easiest name that I could think of is, "The Shield" (again, for obvious reasons). If reading this long paragraph is hard to decipher, let me describe this class in a different way.

The Shield
Class type: Defensive/Support
Base Max Health: 150-175
Base Speed: 90%
Speed when crouched: 45%

Primary Weapon: A 'Shieldgun', which is essentially a shotgun bolted to a police riot shield. The shotgun has limited range, probably does a little more damage than the default shotgun.

Secondary Weapon: This can vary. I'm stuck between a possible smoke grenade launcher, or a Tasergun. I'll start drawing my ideas later

Melee Weapon: Police Baton. Obviously.

Part 3 later...
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